Centralized Workflows

Single platform to manage all your business workflows using conversations

Time spent on mobile messaging is on the rise. Customers now expect businesses to be able to provide services using Messaging channels, including sign-ups, onboarding, document submission, quotation, and payments. Our conversational workflow builder enables enterprises to complete most of their business processes with ease.

Conversaional Workflow Builder

Automate Business Processes using Conversations

Sales Leads Capture

Collect required information for the Sales team to follow up.


Step-by-step process to guide the customer to sign up for your services.

Order Change

Allow your customers to modify orders on WhatsApp, WeChat, FB Messenger and more.


Streamline your refund process and notify the customer for updates on messaging channels.


Improve customer satisfaction by immediately responding to complaints.


Transact with your customers using automatically generated payments links on messaging channels.

Loyalty Management

Provide your customers with a convenient way to check their loyalty points and latest offers.

IT Helpdesk

Pre-defined IT Helpdesk workflows to automatically help users to create support tickets, modify requests and check ticket status.

HR Inquiry

Pre-built HR Agent to help internal staff to apply for annual leaves, check expense claims, and understand HR policies.

Image Recognition

Recommend similar products to customers using image recognitions.

RPA Integrations

Integrate with RPA solutions like Automation Anywhere or UIPath to improve your business processes with a conversational interface.


Enables your customers to receive important notifications from WhatsApp about their accounts, orders and offers.

Business workflow that can understand natural langauges

Each workflow can be integrated withe the NLP Engine where user inquiry can trigger a specific workflow, and the AI Agent can perform multi-turn dialogs with the customers to fill in the required information to complete the service requests.

Pre-built business workflows for various use cases

Our Enterprise Contact Center Solution has various workflow templates that help resolve your business needs, like HR Inquiry, IT helpdesk, Refund and Complaints, etc.

Third-Party App Integrations

Empower the AI Agent with third-party app integrations, such as CRM, Live Chat, Product Recommendation, Image Recognition, and many more.

Third-party Integrations

Set Sail Contact Solution has developed integrations with various enterprise software.

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