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Over 1 Million Inquiries are Handled by KMB Chatbot Monthly

KMB chatbot is designed to cater a variety of day-to-day customer commuting needs with an instant and effortless conversational experience through KMB and LWB official websites and KMB mobile application. Core user enquiries the chatbot is trained to answer related to bus services include Point-to-Point (P2P) search, Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), latest traffic news and more. Additionally, users can also submit tickets for personal enquiries such as lost items, as well as filing complaints for follow-up. Users can also shift seamlessly to communicating with live agents should further assistance is required. The KMB chatbot handles over 1 million inquiries every month. Data-driven daily reports are also available to have a clear view and deep understanding of their customers, and which statistics can be utilized to enhance the company’s further business decisions.



1. NLP Enquiry

Through Natural Language Processing and entity training, the KMB chatbot model has the ability to understand and respond to text-based queries in different languages (i.e. English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese). The chatbot understands local slang and dialect that is a mixture of English and Cantonese. Language detection is also applied that enables the chatbot to respond regarding the query language.


2. Point-to-Point Route Search

KMB chatbot understands P2P query, guiding users to their destination from origin with information of bus route, interchange guide, total travel time and total fare provided. This information is fully integrated with KMB’s complete directory, and users can ask the direction either by text or by a few guidance clicks. Should the user find themselves in a situation where the P2P suggestion is not found in the KMB API, then the chatbot also has a third-party API integration with Google to find the recommended route.


3. API Integration

KMB chatbot is fully API integrated with KMB’s systems even from the moment they sign-on into the app, hence allowing users to have a fluid and dynamic conversational customer service supported with the most up to date and relevant information. The integration enhances the whole experience of the chatbot usage and the features that it brings. Features ranging from route specific information provision, route and bus Estimated Time of Arrival, to ticket creation related to particular enquiries such as lost item tickets or customer feedback tickets.

3.1. Traffic News and Updates

KMB provides customers with the latest updates and news of the traffic that may affect the buses and services. This information is also integrated with the chatbot, allowing easy access to users through only a few steps, and it also provides the information in a summarized form with news highlights for customers’ quick reading and information delivery.


3.2. Information on Route and Bus ETA

Users can choose to have a look at the information of any KMB or LWB route they want to. The chatbot provides basic information of a route, any updates regarding said route, and furthermore it can also compute the required journey time from one point of the route to another. Additionally, the chatbot is also able to provide users with suggestions as they go along the process of asking the bot their inquiry.


4. Ticket Creation

Enhancing KMB’s service for their customers, creating tickets are made easier through the chatbot. By requesting queries that require response from KMB’s team such as requiring help for a case of lost properties on buses, for instance. API integration allows consumers to issue these tickets from the chatbot, and ensures information flow is unparalleled.

4.1. Lost property

Should a customer feel like they have lost their belongings in one of KMB’s buses, they are able to have the case reported to KMB through the chatbot within a day. The chatbot is integrated with KMB’s lost property management systems. Hence, users need only input the required information for the ticket issuing relating to the item and the customer contact information, without having to pick up the phone for an operator’s assistance.

4.2. Customer feedback (Suggestion and Complaint)

Any customers that wish to send feedback on their traveling experience with KMB, may it be suggestions or complaints, they can do so through the chatbot. The tickets made from the chatbot are instantly updated to KMB’s system, allowing for the cases to be processed the earliest possible and provide the customers with the best service.

5. Live Chat

Most inquiries in the KMB chatbot are able to answer user enquiries around the clock, 24 hours a day throughout the whole year, but it is also enabled to provide the option to transfer their query to a live operator seamlessly should they feel the need to do so. The service is integrated along with Zendesk, allowing customers to have the service most suited to their needs, within hotline operating hours. The chatbot enables at least 5 livechat agents to handle customer requests simultaneously, allowing the users with queries that require more human attention to be assisted in having their cases solved at the earliest possible time. The livechat agents are also able to support user queries in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English.

6. Customer Survey

The KMB chatbot asks users for their feedback at the end of their enquiries from time to time in the form of easy to click ratings. Surveys are done for both the chatbot (bot1933), as well as KMB and LWB’s overall service regarding the user’s satisfaction rate. This is done to not only constantly maintain, but also improve the usability and overall experience of the chatbot. Moreover, the data regarding the customers’ input and feedback are compiled together and taken in to be used for further analysis and improvement.


7. Daily Reporting

Through the chatbot’s usage, KMB has access to the statistics of tickets and inquiries made through the chatbot daily. Conversation logs or audit trail logs from the chatbot are available for observation of users’ activity such as login/start time, log off/end time, conversation content). KMB receives updates regarding the customers’ inquiries via email daily, in which the user statistics and analytics carry insights that are applicable for the business’ continuous growth.

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