Sales Automation

Messaging is the new way to sell

Customers spend more time on messaging apps than on any other platform. Our intelligent agent can automatically convert pre-sales inquiries to sales in various channels, including WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger, Website, Mobile App, and more.

“I saw your ads on FB, where to buy and how much is it?”

“I am interested in the Christmas package, is it still available?”


Make the pre-sales journey easy for your customers

Our intelligent agent can help your customers explore your product offerings, answer any related questions and help them transact.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Reduction

72% of the items added to shopping carts were never brought. Using a simple reminder message pushed via WhatsApp, 20% of the abandonment can be re-activated and turned into sales.

Help Customers During Checkout Process

63% of the customers who left during the checkout process encountered difficulties regarding Shipping, and 46% about promotions. Our intelligent agents can help answer questions about shipping, discounts, and payments during the checkout process, in order to reduce the checkout abandonment rate.

Find Products

The intelligent agent can introduce your product offerings or promotions to your customers, and help them find what they are looking for.


Through messaging, the intelligent agent can also recommend related products to the customers based on what they have searched.

Answer Pre-sales Questions

The intelligent agent can help customers understand your products better before they made the purchase decisions.

Live Chat Integration with Sales

The intelligent agent can collect required information from the customers and pass the leads to your sales team for follow-up.

Enable Payments on Messaging

The intelligent agent can generate payment links for the customers to pay on WhatsApp, FB Messenger, WeChat and other messaging channels.

Customer Re-engagement

Marketing campaigns over messagings can achieve over 80% conversion rate, by promoting personalized content to customers based on their interests and preferences. Our solution allows brands to label target audience and tailor promotional campaigns on messaging.

Campaign Broadcast

Broadcast your promotional campaigns across various messaging channels, and provide conversational experience for your customers to know more about your campaigns.

Turn messaging into effective sales channels

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Engage with users using messaging via WhatsApp broadcast messages, auto-reply on Facebook or Instagram posts, and QR codes on printed promotional materials.

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Use pre-defined workflows to label and tag the customers you have engaged with, according to their interests and preferences.

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Create personalized content that targets specific audience group with specific interests.

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Re-engage with your customers based on their purchase history and shopping behavior.

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